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 Franklin  County Task  Force on  Aging

Change for Change

The Franklin County Task Force on Aging is a mission focused organization with the goal of assisting the seniors of our Central Ohio community.  One way for us to do this is through our Change for Change program.

Change for Change is an account set up separate from our operating account.  Through this account we have the ability to write up to a $250 check for a senior in need.  We also have the ability to purchase products or services equivalent to the $250 in lieu of the check.

Some possible reasons a senior might benefit from Change for Change:

    • Temporary transportation to a special doctor office visit
    • Assistance with a utility bill
    • The purchase of special equipment

We have been able to assist seniors in our community by:
    • Purchasing an IPod and loading it with music for a senior whose facility did not have enough iPods for their Music and Memory program.
    • Purchasing furniture and other items for a senior estranged from his family needing to move and needing all new items for his apartment
    • Purchasing a laptop for a senior needing to stay connected to his family and friends online.
    • Purchasing a Kroger gift card for a senior having difficulty with his insurance, medications, and the donut hole.  This would allow him to purchase his medications and his groceries without having to give up one or the other.
    • Purchasing a bed including mattress and box springs for a gentleman who had his personal belongings stolen.
    • Donating to LifeCare Alliance relief efforts after a car crashed into their building.  The deductible for repairs was large and we were happy to give back to the organization that has hosted our meetings for so many years.

We also realize that from time to time our members may encounter transitional difficulties as they search for new jobs or need assistance to get them through the probationary period with a new company.  For this reason, we are also willing to help our members through the Change for Change fund.  We have been able to assist three members in this way, helping to get them through a difficult time.

The Franklin County Task Force on Aging conducts several fund raisers throughout the year to build funds in the Change for Change account.

You can support the Change for Change program by making a donation directly to the account.  Click here to make a donation.  


Our fundraising efforts are designed to boost the reserves in our Change for Change account so that we may offer this support each month of the year.

For the past several years our members have assisted with planning and organization of a Traveling Bake Sale, where members have either donated baked goods for the sale or have participated on one of the traveling teams.  Teams would go to various senior centers over a two day period, offering a wide variety of delicious baked goods in exchange for donations to the fund.  Past baked sales have earned nearly $800.

For the past several years we have also held a Silent Auction Fundraiser at different restaurant/bar locations around Central Ohio.  Past years have brought in nearly $2000.  This year's Silent Auction Fundraiser will be held at PINS Mechanical in Dublin on September 12th from 4:30 - 6:30 PM.  Please plan to join us and donate an item to the auction.

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